KBI 310735 New Feature: New Time Format Keywords In File Log Rule Of Argent For Compliance


Added to Argent Global Manager 3.1A-1310-C and above


Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013


New time format keywords ‘#h‘ and ‘#H‘ are implemented to handle hour with leading space in Argent for Compliance

Technical Background

Some log prints hour field using leading space instead of leading zero. A sample log is shown as follows:

New_Ledger_Customer_Calcs_Processing – started 17/09/2013 23:28:47.13

New_Ledger_Customer_Calcs_Processing – ended 18/09/2013 1:21:18.26

To handle this type of logs, time format ‘dd/MM/yyyy #H:mm:ss.nn‘ should be used


Upgrade to Argent Global Manager 3.1A-1310-C or later