KBI 311073 Enhancement: Introduced Global System View In Argent Global Manager


Argent Global Manager 3.1A-1407-A and later


Friday, 12 Sep 2014


Added ‘Global System View‘ in Argent Global Manager to apply a new service account and password for Argent Advanced Technology services, for all, or selected Argent Advanced Technology Monitoring Products

This feature facilitates to start/stop/restart Argent Advanced Technology services

Global System View also shows the Service Logs

Technical Background

Implemented ‘Global System View‘ in Argent Global Manager with the existing features of Argent Advanced Technology ‘Global Service Manager, System Event List, Monitoring Task Cross Reference and Fired Alerts

a) Global Service Manager

It shows the details of installed components including the Main Engine, Motors, Daughter Engines and Trusted Agents

There is an optional mask to select the matching servers or products

When customers require to change the passwords periodically, this option is very useful

Global Service Manager performs the following functions

Stop Service- allows to stop the selected services

Start service- allows to start the selected services

Bounce Service- helps to restart a service after applying the changes

The new service account and password won’t take effect until service is restarted

Sync Software- is to synchronize between the Main Engine and Daughter Engine, if the Daughter Engine is on the same LAN

It is NOT uncommon these days that high-speed connections are available for remote offices

Change Credentials- applies new service account and password to the selected services

View Logs- shows the files in the LOG folder of the selected Argent Advanced Technology product

View Statistics- shows the performance statists data of the selected service contained in the AT_SVC_PERF_STAT.TXT file

b) System Event List

Implemented the existing feature ‘System Event List‘ of Argent Advanced Technology in Argent Global Manager

It shows the Event description that allows to check if there is any runtime errors or performance issues

Events can be filtered using Event Category, Event Severity, Event Time Range, Target Machine and Engine Server

c) Monitoring Task Cross Reference

This tab lists any issues in running a Rule against a target machine

d) Fired Alerts

Displays the details of the Alerts fired


Upgrade to Argent Global Manager 3.1A-1407-A or later