KBI 311342 Enhancement: View Administrators Option In Argent Global Manager View


Argent Global Manager Version 3.1A-1601-A and earlier


Friday, 5 February 2016


Argent Global Manager View has been enhanced with ‘View Administrators’ option to add Active Directory Users as Administrators of View

Technical Background

By default, the service account user of Argent Advanced Technology is the Administrator of Argent Global Manager View

In Argent Global Manager versions prior to 4.1A-R1, there is no option to specify other Active Directory Users as Administrators of View

Argent Global Manager has now been enhanced with an option ‘View Administrators’ in ‘Assign Users To View’ section which allows setting Active Directory Users as Administrators

Any number of users can be set with ‘View Administrators’ privilege

When added as Administrator of View, the User gets Full Access on the following

  • Views
  • Assign Users To View
  • Rules, Relators and Reports
  • All shared Objects

The below screenshot shows the login of a User when added as Administrator of View


Upgrade to Argent Global Manager 4.1A-R1 or later