KBI 310523 Enhancement: Undo Tablespace Free Space Rules Checks % Free Space In Argent For Oracle


Argent Advanced Technology 1307-A and above


Monday, 17 Jun 2013


Argent Advanced Technology has been enhanced with ‘Undo Tablespace Free Space Rules‘ in Argent for Oracle to check the remaining free space in Undo Tablespace

Example :

Undo Tablespace Free Space Rules‘ check the percentage of remaining space compared to the sum of the max_size of the data files that make up the Tablespace. Rule ‘UNDO_FREE_SPACE_PCT_APPROACHING_LIMIT‘ is broken if the free space remaining in the Undo Tablespace is between 25% and 10%

Technical Background

Every Oracle Database must have a method of maintaining information that is used to Roll Back or Undo changes to the database. Such information consists of records of the actions of transactions, primarily before they are committed. These records are collectively referred to as Undo. This rule checks the percentage of free space remaining in Undo Tablespace