KBI 310634 Issue Addressed: Argent for Compliance Remote Trusted Agent Does Not Archive Log


Argent for Compliance 1308-A or below


Wednesday, 7 Aug 2013


Addressed an issue where Argent for Compliance trusted agent installed using TCP/IP communication protocol (remote trusted agent) does not upload archived data properly

Technical Background

The issue causes ARCEVTLOG_XXX.REQ.GZ files accumulates under ARCHIVE_DATA directory on trusted agent

The information is not lost. Customer can move all the these ARCEVTLOG*.REQ.GZ files to ARCHIVE_DATA at Supervising Engine. The data will be archived.

This issue does not affect ordinary trusted agents. The ordinary trusted agents does not use TCP/IP communication, instead, write ARCEVTLOG*.REQ.GZ files directly to \\{SUPERVISINGENGINE}\ARGENTFORCOMPLIANCE\ARCHIVE_DATA. Of course, the requirement is that trusted agent has the UNC path access to the Supervising Engine


Upgrade to Argent AT 3.1A-1310-A or above

Customers, who cannot upgrade for the time being, can take following steps:

  1. Manually move all accumulated ARCEVTLOG*.REQ.GZ files to Supervising Engine to be archived
  2. De-install remote trusted agent and re-install without using TCP/IP communication