KBI 310773 Issue Addressed: Argent Predictor Data Is Not Purged


Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1310-A and earlier


Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013


Customers can specify how long Argent Predictor can be kept

This is specified in Supervising Engine setting

Some large installation can generate 500 Megabytes of Argent Predictor data each day

This can cause the Argent AT Engine to timeout when purging such a large amount of data

As results, Argent Predictor data will accumulate over time

Technical Background

Argent AT allocates a maximum of three minutes to purge Argent Predictor data

This can prove to be insufficient for a busy SQL Server

Argent AT 3.1A-1401-A addresses this issue by moving the function to a separate worker thread

Also the Argent AT Engine now executes the task in piece meal style

It attempts to purge one hour worth data in one query

As results, the SQL Server load is reduced significantly as well


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1401-A or later