KBI 310890 Issue Addressed: System File Rule Is Cancelled When Scanning Huge Folders


Argent Guardian Ultra 3.1A-1401-E or below


Monday, 24 Mar 2014


System File Rule can be configured to scan folders recursively for file size, last modification date etc

If the folders contain thousands of files, and the folders are UNC path of remote servers, it can take very long to complete the scanning

By default, Argent AT Engine cancels tasks that run more than 5 minutes without any feedback

As a result, the System File Rule can be cancelled because it runs simply too long

Technical Background

Argent AT Monitoring Engine has been enhanced in Argent AT 1401-T4 to address this potential issue

When Engine runs System File Rule, it will generate feedback once every 30 seconds so that long running task is allowed to complete


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1401-T4 or later

For customer that cannot upgrade immediately, he may need to break System File Rule into several, each scanning a smaller folder