KBI 310905 Issue Addressed: DB Error Of SQL Table ARGSOFT_AAC_OCCUR In Argent Console Engine Log


Argent Console 3.1A-1401-E or below


Tuesday, 8 Apr 2014


Customer may see log lines similar to following in Argent Console service log (AAC_ENGINE_LOG.TXT):

**** ERROR *****

An error condition has been detected by ArgSoft_DAL.cpp (D6150_Insert_SQL) at line 1464: DAL could not execute SQL statement (insert into ARGSOFT_AAC_OCCUR (OCCURRENCE, UUID, RULE_CATEGORY, RULE_NAME, MACHINE, RELATOR, COMPARE, VENDOR, create_time, modify_time) values (1, 'A0E3F57C-FC14-4B33-9650-20DF611C569A', N'Performance', N'PRF_CPU_QUEUE_OVERLOAD_W2K', N'MA-TS-SRV2', N'REL_CS_CRIT_CPU', N'Any(*) of \Processor(*)\% Processor Time\System\Processor Queue Length', N'Argent Guardian Ultra', {ts '2014-04-03 01:17:15'}, {ts '2014-04-03 01:17:15'}))

Microsoft Error Code = String or binary data would be truncated

The statement has been terminated

State:22001,Native:8152,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] State:01000,Native:3621,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]

The issue happens occasionally and generally has no effects on Argent AT functionality

Technical Background

SQL Table ‘ARGSOFT_AAC_OCCUR‘ is used for bookkeeping how many times a Rule has been broken

It is used when calculating following option in the Rule:

The issue happens when the broken Rule generates a comparison string more than 64 bytes, which is quite rare

The issue is addressed in Argent AT 3.1A-1401-T6


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1401-T6 or later

For customer who cannot upgrade immediately, he can manually edit the SQL table structure by changing the column type from nvarchar(64) to nvarchar(256)