KBI 310909 New Feature: Argent AT Remote Installation Package


Added to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1401-T5 and later


Wednesday, 9 Apr 2014


Argent AT 3.1A-1401-T5 and later allow customer to create a Remote Installation Package for Trusted Agent or Daughter Engine of selected products

Compared to the original Argent AT setup package, Remote Installation Package is significantly smaller, and installs selected products from command line without much of customer’s intervention

It is especially ideal for mass installation of remote Trusted Agents connected through slow link

As a typical example, the full Argent AT setup package is about 118 MB, while a Remote Installation Package of Argent Guardian Ultra Trusted Agent is about 14 MB

Technical Background

In order to create a Remote Installation Package, customer must have the unpacked Argent AT Setup package accessible

In following screenshots, the setup package is under C:\_ARGENT_AT_INSTALL

Customer first starts up any Argent AT main GUI, and select the option ‘Create Remote Installation Package‘ from menu

Customer next has to specify the unpacked path of Argent AT setup package

Argent AT GUI will check to make sure that the selected setup package is the same version as installed Argent AT, and there is no file corruption in the selected package

Customer then sees the dialog box of package generator

The screen is self-explanatory

After specifying all the required options, customer clicks on button ‘Generate Package‘ to create the Remote Install Package as a ZIP file in the specified path

To install the products on the remote server, customer has to copy the ZIP file and unzip it on the machine first

Assume it is unpacked under C:\TEMP\_ARGENT_AT_INSTALL

All customer has to do is to open a DOS prompt, and run SETUP.EXE

No further user intervention is needed

Note: By default, the Trusted Agent or Daughter Engine is installed on C:\ARGENT

In case that custom installation path is required, customer can run ‘SETUP custom_path

For example, if customer runs ‘SETUP E:\ARGENT‘, the products will be installed on drive E instead of C


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1401-T5 or later