KBI 311147 Issue Addressed: Argent Defender TEST Might Fire Event On Not Used Web Session Scripts


Argent Defender 3.1A-1410-A or earlier


Thursday, 1 Jan 2015


In some very rare occasions, heavily used Argent Defender TEST might fire Event on Web Session Scripts that are not included in the TEST

For example, TEST_1 uses script RTP_1, TEST_2 uses script RTP_2

Customer may be surprised to see Event about TEST_1 failed to run RTP_2

The involved TESTs and Web Session Scripts are random, and it may take weeks to see an occurrence

The issue is addressed in Argent Defender 3.1A-1501-A

Technical Background

The issue is caused by coding error that generates racing condition among worker threads in Argent Defender Main Engine


Upgrade to Argent AT 3.1A-1501-A