KBI 311160 Issue Addressed: Internal Event of Offline Remote Trusted Agent Is Fired During Midnight Recycle


Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1501-C and earlier


Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015


Customer may receive Events of offline remote Trusted Agents at midnight every day

When Main Engine recycles, remote Trusted Agents won’t be able to connect

Depending on how long the recycling takes, when Main Engine fully restarted, it may find the heartbeat information for Trusted Agent has not been updated for more than allowed time lapse

As a result, the internal Event is fired

The issue is addressed in Argent AT 3.1A-1501-T1

Technical Background



Upgrade to Argent AT 3.1A-1501-T1 or later

For customer who cannot upgrade immediately, he can use ‘Alert Macro’ instead of ‘Email Alert’ for the Internal Event

In the macro, customer can specify not to fire Alert during the recycling time, for example, midnight to 10 minutes after midnight