KBI 311687 Enhancement: Monitor Delta Changes Of Free Space Of VMware Datastore


Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-1807-A or above


Thursday, 12 July 2018


Datastore Rule in Argent for VMware used to monitor the absolute value of Free Space in MB or percentage

Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-1807-A enhances Datastore Rule so that it can monitor the changes of Free Space too

The new feature can Alert customer when datastore is unexpectedly exhausted, which could happen when VM is wrongly created in datastore or VM with Thin Provision eats up disk space because of some application

Note: Condition is regarded as corrected when free space is recovered to the value when Rule is broken in the first place

This is very important when implementing the auto correction

For example, Rule is set to be broken if Free Space is decreased by more than 1 GB

To start, the free space is 80 GB

By first check, free space is dropped by 512 MB

Rule is not broken

Then VM is created on the datastore, which uses 5 GB

Now the Free Space is changed from 79.5 GB to 74.5 GB

By second check, Rule is now broken

There is no change after that

By third check, Rule is not broken but condition is not corrected because the free space is not recovered to 79.5 GB when Rule is first broken

If VM is deleted from datastore and free space is recovered above 79.5 GB

By fourth check, Rule is not broken and condition is corrected

New feature is implemented in Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-1807-A

Technical Background



Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-1807-A or above