KBI 311830 Issue Addressed: Argent Sentinel Recorded Invalid Process Time In Argent Predictor When Running Web Session Scripts


Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-2001-A


Wednesday, 6 May 2020


When Argent Sentinel runs Web Session scripts, there is an option in the TEST definition to save various performance data in Argent Predictor

One of the metrics is “Process Time”, which is the total of web server processing time when handling HTTP/HTTPS requests

It has been found that for some web sites, Argent Sentinel might record invalid values such as 20,000+ seconds, while the whole script takes less than 30 seconds to complete

The issue has been addressed in Argent AT 5.1A-2004-B

Technical Background

Chrome/Chromium can return an invalid time value for a Window object

Extra logic has been implemented to validate the value before saving into the Argent Predictor database


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-2004-B or above