KBI 311898 Issue Addressed: Receive Flood Of Internal Event Email Messages Of Lost Connection To Argent Console Engine


Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-2010-D or earlier


Thursday, 31 December 2020


Argent Console engine is down, user might receive email messages of ‘Lost connection to Agent Console engine’ every minute. As results, large amount of email messages can fill up inbox.

The issue happens only when Internal Alert Email/SMS is used.

The issue has been addressed in Argent AT 5.1A-2101-A and later.

Technical Background

The issue is caused by coding error.

When Argent Console engine is down, Internal Event could not be fired through normal channel. When Internal Alert Email/SMS is used, the Monitoring Product engine will attempt to send urgent email directly. Argent AT attempts to fire event once every minute.

While Argent Console engine is still down, new Internal Event is generated. Argent AT did not check if urgent email had been sent earlier. As results, the urgent email keeps firing every minute.


Upgrade to Argent AT 5.1A-2101-A or later.