KBI 310589 New Feature: Configure This Screen Features and Benefits


Argent Commander 3.0A-1307-A and above


Wed, 3 July 2013


Argent Commander’s “Configure This Screen” has been enhanced with better drag-and-drop performance, increased functionality, and better integration with Performance Matrices

Technical Background

Customers can now undo and redo drag-and-drop actions while arranging the modules.

When configuring node drill-downs, the list of modules also show the options and parameters for each module

Customers can also save and restore from previously saved Performance Matrices on this page

More importantly, for node drill-down pages, customers can now apply a layout across multiple nodes all at once

The selection allows:

* All Nodes

* All Nodes of a certain type (Windows, AIX, HPUX, ESX Hosts, etc.)

* All Nodes belonging to a specific Monitoring Group

* Specific named nodes (comma-delimited)


Upgrade to Argent Commander 3.1A-1307-A or above