KBI 310592 New Feature: Rotation Playlists


Argent Commander 3.0A-1307-A and above


Wed, 3 July 2013


Argent Commander now has “Rotation Playlists” that allow customers to specify the order and inclusion of maps to rotate for the Argent SuperMaps, Enterprise Application Views, and CeoConsoles

Technical Background

Different users are granted access to different sets of maps, based on the Argent Commander Security Manager

By default, ALL granted maps are included in the rotation

As part of the design, Argent considered the possibility that a customers views a map that is NOT part of the playlist, and proceeds to start the rotation from this map

In this case, the map will be temporarily added into the rotation as long as the customer stays on the page


Upgrade to Argent Commander 3.1A-1307-A or above