KBI 310856 New Feature: Hide Unwanted Performance Counters In Argent Commander


Argent Commander 3.0A-1307-B or below


Friday, 28 Feb 2014


New Feature: Ability to Hide Performance Counters from Pull-down Menus in Argent Commander

This feature may be used for customers who don’t want specific OBJECT/COUNTER/INSTANCE entries from appearing as selectable metrics in Argent Commander

Technical Background

This is configured on an enterprise-wide (NOT user-based) scale

The configuration is stored in XML\ARGSOFT_EXCLUDE.XML

This XML file supports wildcards ‘*’ — here is an example:


	<!-- Wildcards (*) are supported in all cases -->
<EXCLUDE MACHINE ="*" OBJECT ="CustomObject" COUNTER ="CustomCounter" INSTANCE="CustomInstance" /> <EXCLUDE MACHINE ="SVR1" OBJECT ="Disk" COUNTER ="Free Space" INSTANCE="Z:" /> </ARGENT>


Upgrade to Argent Commander 3.0A-1401-A or above