KBI 311036 New Feature: Argent Commander Grouped Graphs By SuperConsole Or Monitoring Group


Argent Commander 3.0A-1407-A and above


Friday, 1 Aug 2014


Argent Commander has a new View – “View by SuperConsole

The “View by SuperConsole” and “View by Monitoring Group” now has a new feature, which is initially disabled after upgrade

When enabled, the new feature allows customers to click on the SuperConsole, or Monitoring Group, and generate multi-line graphs for all Nodes in the Monitoring Group

The reason the feature is initially disabled, is because this feature, while very powerful, needs to be carefully planned, as some customers may have hundreds of Nodes within a single Monitoring Group or SuperConsole

The Legend at the top is a common legend for all graphs – up to 10 graph modules can be added for each SuperConsole or Monitoring Group

The legend itself is interactive – hide or show Nodes from all graphs on the page by clicking on the legend

Each page is also uniquely saved and persistent for each SuperConsole or Monitoring Group – Performance Matrices also work to apply a template onto other Monitoring Groups or SuperConsoles

Technical Background

After upgrading, customers can enable this feature by opening the XML\ARGSOFT_INTERNAL_SETTINGS.XML file

An XML entry called “CLICK_GROUPS” will be present – a value of “0” means disabled (default), and “1” means enabled


  • A maximum of 30 Nodes will be loaded for a particular group – this limit can be changed, but only with assistance from Argent support
  • Customers at the maximum number of Nodes trying to process data over a yearly period should expect loading times to be lengthy, and the chart visualization itself to almost useless (too many lines on a single graph)


Upgrade to Argent Commander 3.0A-1407-A or above