KBI 311042 New Feature: Events And Alerts Pie Chart On Argent Commander Enterprise Tab


Argent Commander 3.0A-1407-A and above


Friday, 1 Aug 2014


Argent Commander has a new module called “Events and Alerts” under the “Enterprise” tab

This module shows a pie chart similar to the Argent GUI – the pie chart visualizes the count of Nodes that are ‘OK‘, ‘Handled‘ and ‘Outstanding

The module comes with filters – the pie charts can be generated for any combination of matching Events

Note: Time Range also includes the new ‘Today’s Events Only‘ feature

Technical Background

The way Nodes are assigned to each category are as follows:

  • OK means a Node absolutely has no Events for the specified filter
  • Handled means a Node has Events, but ALL Events under the Node are either marked as ‘Answered‘ or ‘Resolved
  • Outstanding means a Node has Events, and at least one Event under the Node is ‘Unanswered


Upgrade to Argent Commander 3.0A-1407-A or above