KBI 311647 New Feature: Argent Defender Ultra Email Screenshots


Argent Defender Ultra 1804-A or above


Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Customers can now use the new Playback.EmailScreenshot API to send screenshots in their Recorded Sessions to multiple recipients

See https://help.argent.com/#argent_defender_ultra_api_email_screenshot for detailed documentation and sample usage

Technical Background

Note: This function requires valid Email configurations, which customers can specify in the Email/SMTP tab in Settings (screen ID D5F)

If Email configurations are invalid, the Playback.EmailScreenshot function degrades gracefully and does nothing, and the rest of the Recorded Session should continue

“SMTP User Name” and “SMTP Password” can be blank if SMTP Authentication is not required


Upgrade to Argent Defender Ultra 1804-A or above