KBI 310762 Issue Addressed: Argent Queue Engine Upgrade Not Successful On Windows 2000 Server


Argent Job Scheduler 1306-A or below


Wednesday, 27 Nov 2013


Addressed the issue of unsuccessful upgrade of Argent Queue Engine on Windows 2000 server

Technical Background

Setup could not find existing installed AQE instance in Windows 2000 server during an upgrade

This issue is found when upgrading Argent Job Scheduler in Windows 2000 having SQL Server 2000 as backend

In 64 bit Windows machines, if the bit flag KEY_WOW64_64KEY is not specified, the 32 bit Windows registry will be loaded by default

To load 64 bit registry, it is necessary to specify the bit flag KEY_WOW64_64KEY

The registry open API fails when using KEY_WOW64_64KEY bit flag in Windows 2000 and an error is displayed

While Upgrading Argent Job Scheduler Setup shows the following screen

While Installing Argent Job Scheduler Setup shows the following message

This issue has been addressed in Argent Job Scheduler 1311-A


Upgrade to Argent Job Scheduler 1312-B or above