KBI 310784 Issue Addressed: Argent Job Scheduler Service Gets Restarted Frequently Against Inaccessible Dependency File At Remote Server


Argent Job Scheduler 1306-A or below


Tuesday, 17 Dec 2013


Addressed the issue of Argent Job Scheduler Service getting restarted frequently when it meets an inaccessible or unreachable path while checking for file dependency at a remote server

Technical Background

This issue occurs when the file path of a dependent file in a remote server becomes inaccessible or unreachable

The thread that checks for the file dependency condition does not get completed in a timely fashion as the file path is inaccessible or unreachable

Argent Job Scheduler service that is monitoring all threads, fail to get a ‘status live‘ message from this particular thread

As a result the Argent Job Scheduler service restarts itself on the conclusion that the thread is either hung or killed

Added functionality to ensure that file dependency check ends in a timely fashion

The Argent Job Scheduler is enhanced to keep track of the unavailable remote servers upon which file dependencies are to be checked and rechecks the dependency only after the servers are found back online

Once a server path is found to be unreachable or inaccessible it is marked as offline and it is checked for availability in every 2 minutes

When the servers are found back online, they are marked as online so that the dependency check can be performed


Upgrade to Argent Job Scheduler 1312-B or above