KBI 310819 Enhancement: Checkbox Option To Add Multiple Alerts For Job Limit Modifications


Argent Job Scheduler 10.0A-1402-A And Above


Friday, 7 Feb 2014


Argent Job Scheduler has been enhanced with a simple mechanism to add multiple Alerts for Job Limit modifications

Technical Background

Previous versions allow configuring multiple Alerts using Macros – Email Macros or Alert Macros, but adding more macros could make it more complex

As a solution, Argent Job Scheduler has been enhanced with a new feature which provides a checkbox option to select multiple Alerts in the Alert drop down combo of ‘Job Limit‘ sub-screen (J20D) as in the screenshot given below

The selected Alerts will appear separated by coma in the ‘Job Limit‘ sub-screen fields


Upgrade to Argent Job Scheduler 10.0A-1402-A or above