KBI 310884 Issue Addressed: Argent Job Scheduler Calendar Does Not Calculate Leap Years While Forecasting


Argent Job Scheduler all versions


Wednesday, 12 Mar 2014


Addressed the issue that Argent Job Scheduler Calendar does not calculate leap years when forecasting Scheduled Jobs

Technical Background

Argent Job Scheduler has an issue with calculating leap years

It particularly affects when testing Calendar definitions and while performing ‘Forecast of Scheduled Jobs

Here, Forecast calculate the dates wrongly; however scheduling of Jobs do not get affected and they run as expected, without any interruption

For Example, while Testing a Calendar definition like ‘CAL_LAST_WORKDAY_MONTHLY‘ against the leap year 2016, the Argent Job Scheduler Calendar forecast calculates Friday, 26th as the last working day of February while the actual ‘last working day of February 2016‘ is Monday, 29th

Similarly, when forecasting a Job scheduled to run on the last working day of every month of the leap year 2016, the Argent Job Scheduler Calendar calculates the forecasted dates incorrectly

Though it displays 26th as the last working day while forecasting, the Jobs get executed correctly on 29th

This was a coding issue and has been addressed


Upgrade to Argent Job Scheduler 10.0A-1403-B or above