KBI 311050 Enhancement: Added Honor Job Schedule Option For Post Jobs And Job Sequence Macros


Argent Job Scheduler 10.0A-1408-A and later


Thursday, 21 Aug 2014


Argent Job Scheduler has been enhanced with ‘Honor Job Schedule‘ option in Post Job and Job Sequence Macros so that their schedules will be honored

Technical Background

Post Job has a provision to specify a Job or a Job Sequence Macro

These Jobs execute according to the exit code received from the Parent Job execution

Currently there is only one option ‘Run Job Immediately‘ available, in both J45 and J75 sub screens

As an enhancement, a new option, ‘Honor Job Schedule‘ is added in both the screens


The ‘Run Job Immediately‘ option will be checked by default so that this change won’t affect the existing Post Jobs

Scenario 1: When Submitting a Job in Post Job

If the option ‘Run Job Immediately‘ is selected, the Child Job starts its execution immediately after the Parent Job completes its execution

If the option ‘Honor Job Schedule‘ is selected, the Child Job will start its execution only when it’s scheduled time arrives

Scenario 2: When Submitting a Job Sequence Macro in Post Job

If the option ‘Run Job Immediately‘ is selected for a Job and if the Job Handling option ‘Submit All Jobs At The Same Time‘ is NOT selected, the Job will execute only after its predecessor (again depending on the Job Handling option selected)

In other words, for all Job Handling options other than ‘Submit All Jobs At The Same Time‘, the execution option ‘Run Immediately‘ or ‘Honor Schedule‘ takes effect for a Job only after the execution of its predecessor in the list

If the Job Handling option ‘Submit All Jobs At The Same Time‘ is selected, the Job with execution type as ‘Run Immediately‘ will start execution immediately neither honoring its schedule nor waiting for its predecessors

If a Job Sequence Macro is selected in Post Job, these options will be disabled in J45 screen, to avoid redundancy

Scenario 3: ‘Notify When Job Starts‘ Option is Selected

If a Job is selected from the dropdown combo ‘Execute Following Jobs‘, the Job will run immediately without honoring its schedule

If Job Sequence Macro is specified here, each Job in the Job Sequence Macro executes as per its configuration in the Job Sequence Macro


Upgrade to Argent Job Scheduler 10.0A-1408-A or later