KBI 311726 Issue Addressed: Calendar Control Not Working In Argent Job Scheduler GUI


Argent Job Scheduler 10.0A-1809-A and below


Tuesday, 15 January 2019


In Argent Job Scheduler GUI, the Calendar control popup, associated with date fields, is NOT working on clicking the downward arrow

Technical Background

In Argent Job Scheduler GUI, the calendar control popup does NOT work on clicking the downward arrow

The calendar control popup is associated with date fields

User can currently change dates using keyboard or using the inline spin controls shown in the green rectangles

When the downward arrow (marked in red rectangles) is clicked, a ‘monthly view’ Calendar control popup is to be displayed for the user to select a specific date

This downward arrow is currently not working, and the Calendar control never pops up

This was a coding error and is addressed in Argent Job Scheduler 10.0A-1901-A


Upgrade to Argent Job Scheduler 10.0A-1901-A or above