KBI 311757 New Feature-LINUX Queue Engine Utility qcreate Allows Password In Command Line


Argent Linux Queue Engine 5.0A-1907 or above


Tuesday, 18 June 2019


When using utility ‘qcreate’ to create a queue for Argent LINUX Queue Engine, it generally shows a prompt waiting for user to enter password

As a result, the utility is difficult to use in the situation of unattended maintenance or automated setup

New command argument ‘-P password’ is implemented in Argent LINUX Queue Engine 5.0A-1907

The password can be in plain text if other security measure such as file access can be taken to protect the content

The password can be also encrypted

The encrypted string can be generated by another utility ‘qcrypto’

Note: The encrypted string contains backsplashes

In order to specify correctly, the encrypted password must be rounded with single quote

Following sample is in the man page:

   $ qcreate -P ‘{\202\221\201\192\209\195\195}’ NIGHTLY

See man page for ‘qcreate’ and ‘qcrypto’ for more detail

Technical Background



Upgrade to Argent LINUX Queue Engine 5.0A-1907 or above