KBI 311944 Enhancement: New Registry Values To Configure Job Sequence Job Waiting Delay


Argent Job Scheduler 10.0-2105-A and above


Monday, 6 September 2021


In Argent Job Scheduler, two new registry values are introduced to configure the waiting time during the execution of Job Sequence Jobs

The new registry values are the following:

OVERRIDE_ALL_JOB_SEQUENCE_SLEEP_SECONDS – Contains the waiting time to be used during the execution of Job Sequence Jobs

OVERRIDE_ALL_JOB_SEQUENCE_SLEEP_0_1 – Specifies whether to use the delay configured in OVERRIDE_ALL_JOB_SEQUENCE_SLEEP_SECONDS or use the default wait time

If this value is 1, OVERRIDE_ALL_JOB_SEQUENCE_SLEEP_SECONDS will be used as the wait time

If this value 0, then default wait time will be used

Refer below screenshot:

Technical Background

Currently, during execution of Job Sequence Jobs, hard coded waiting delay is used

This causes Job execution time to be higher than expected

The two new keys are introduced to enable the user to configure the wait delay time manually to reduce the delay during Job execution


Upgrade to Argent Job Scheduler 10.0-2105-A or above