KBI 310994 Enhancement: Renamed Monitoring Groups in Argent Reports


Argent Reports 3.0A-1407-A or above


Wednesday, 25 June 2014


When a Monitoring Group is renamed in the Argent AT GUI, Argent Reports does not automatically update reports that reference the Monitoring Group.

Argent Reports 3.0A-1407-A or above addresses this

Technical Background

Every Monitoring Group has a UUID associated with it in the Argent AT database tables.

Argent Reports now stores the UUID of each Monitoring Group into a new field ‘REPORT_MG_UUID’ in the Argent Reports tables.

Once at the beginning of each web session (or using the Re-Sync feature), Argent Reports will check all Monitoring Groups stored in the Argent Reports tables, and compare them against the latest Monitoring Group Names in Argent AT.

If any name has changed, Argent Reports will update the Monitoring Group name accordingly.

(Special ‘Monitoring Groups’ in Argent Reports such as ‘*’, or ‘* Argent Defender URLs’ or ‘* Ungrouped’ are ignored, of course)

For customers upgrading from an older release — note that the REPORT_MG_UUID field will be initially blank.

As part of the upgrade, the first time Argent Reports is accessed, it will automatically do a scan against the Monitoring Groups and populate the REPORT_MG_UUID field for all rows in the Arget Reports tables with a blank REPORT_MG_UUID field.

If a Monitoring Group has been deleted from Argent AT, or if a renamed Monitoring Group exists prior to the upgrade, these will need to be manually renamed, as Argent Reports will have no way of matching the name against the correct UUID.


Upgrade to Argent Reports 1407-A or above