KBI 311542 Forecasting What Reports Run And When


Argent Reports 7.0A-1704-C and above


Thursday, 20 April 2017


The Argent Reports Forecast facility allows customers to see the Automators running Today, and the status of each Automator

By clicking on different days in the calendar, customers can also forecast which Automators would have been sent in past or future dates.

This is particularly useful for checking if reports would be sent on the “Last Day of the Month” or “Every Wednesday and Friday at 17:00”, etc.

Technical Background

An optional Automator and Schedule mask allows customers to filter the results if there is an especially long list of reports.

The All Automators Currently In Production list is simply a list of all Automators currently in production – useful for seeing if any Automators are unused or erroneously in Test Mode

All columns are sortable and width-adjustable


Upgrade to Argent Reports 7.0A-1704-C and above