KBI 311582 New Feature: DeviceMagic-Network Hogs Report


Argent Reports 7.0A-1710-E or above


Monday, 23 October 2017


DeviceMagic Netflow Reports are now available in Argent Reports

This new report class covers the following main types of Netflow Reports

  • Top N Services
  • Top N Machines (Network Users)
  • Top N Sources
  • Top N Destinations

Technical Background

In order to collect data for the Netflow Reports, the data needs to be gathered from Argent for SNMP

  1. Configure the Router to send NetFlow data to Argent server
  2. License the Router in Argent for SNMP GUI
  3. Go to the Supervising Engine and set ‘Device Magic: Collect Flow Data Using Protocol’ to ‘NetFlow’
  4. Specify the port number
  5. Make sure ‘Default Trap Event Format’ is set to ‘Combine Events With Latest Description’
  6. In Argent Reports, right-click on the Reports tree to create a new report, and choose the type as ‘DeviceMagic: Network Hogs’
  7. Configure the options according to your specifications:

  8. Sample output:


Upgrade to Argent Reports 7.0A-1710-E or above