How Do I Alert On Ping Response Time?

Customers are often interested in sending an Alert when the PING Response time of a device exceeds a predefined threshold

A typical PING command will provide Approximate Round Trip times as part of the PING command line statistics as shown below

Argent XT and Argent AT – Standard System Down and SLA rules allow for the PING Response time to be saved for trending but not Alerting

However by using a System Command in Argent XT and Argent AT, we can create a simple test to alert when the Round Trip Time Exceeds a certain threshold

See the following description of how to create a Rule for Argent XT and Argent AT

SYSTEM CMD Rule – Argent XT

We call PING with “-w 10000” — this will set the timeout to 10 seconds for a response to each reply

Then we look at the Content of the Command – looking for a regular expression of (Average = ) followed by a numeric sequence with a value of less than 300

This will generate an Alert if the Average RTT is greater than 300ms

SYSTEM CMD Rule – Argent AT