How Can I Correct Any Product or App Memory Leaks?

Help is at hand

Argent can very easily address this until the vendor provides a release that does not have memory leaks

This applies to any product or application

Here’s the deal:

  1. Define a Performance Rule Checking the Amount of Memory Used
  2. The following screenshot shows you what to do, just replace the Spooler service (which actually is quite well behaved) with the naughty service or services from the leaking product

    Note the Performance Object is Process, the Counter is Peak Virtual Bytes, and the Instance is spoolsv

    Hint: You can use the Show Current Value button to display the actual value of the counter, in this case the peak virtual bytes for the service

    Specify the amount of memory to cause the rule to be broken; double the current value is good starting point

  3. Define a Service Alert to Stop and Restart the Service
  4. It’s a good idea to add a 30-second pause between stopping the service and restarting it

    This lets the service do termination processing

  5. Define a Relator to Run the Rule