How Do I Use The AG_ME_TOOL.exe Command Line Utility?

You can use the AG_ME_TOOL.EXE utility to administer Argent Guardian Monitoring Engines from a command prompt.

The utility is located in drive:\ARGENT\ArgentManagementConsole\ArgentGuardian.

You can get it from the Installation zip file.



Lists all visible Monitoring Engines.


Installs the Monitoring Engine Service on the target server and adds an entry to the Argent Database.


Uninstalls the Monitoring Engine Service on the Target Server and removes the entry from the Argent Database.

Additional Switches


Used to specify the IP address for the Monitoring Engine if this is not DNS resolvable.


When used with Install or De-install commands, this will add or remove the database entry only. It will NOT install /de-install the Monitoring Engine Service.


ag_me_tool.exe /DE-INSTALL /TARGET=Server1 /IP= /REMOTE


Specifies the service account for the Monitoring Engine should this be required. It will be in the format of DOMAIN\ACCT or COMPUTER\ACCT.


Specifies the password for the service account.


ag_me_tool.exe /INSTALL /TARGET=Server1 /LOGON=Account /PSWD=Password

Available Commands When Run from Daughter/Monitoring Engines


Uploads Daughter Scheduling Engine information to Main (Mother) Engine. This is an alternative to using screen G2A in the Daughter Scheduling Engine GUI.


This will add or remove the Monitoring Engine Service. It will NOT make any changes to the Database Entry.


ag_me_tool.exe /INSTALL /TARGET=Server1 /LOGON=Account /PSWD=Password