How Can I Enter Special Characters #@$%! In Argent Fields?

Good news, it’s simple

Argent implements sophisticated field input text control, so you can customize fields to take just about any special character


But why do I have to do this? Why do I have to explicitly specify these characters?

Well, it’s a tradeoff – by default we treat these special characters as errors – we assume the Caps Lock was mistaken set on

There are 15 built-in types of input fields

Each type of input field has the default set of allowed input characters

Field Type Alphabetic Numeric Default Extra Characters Extension Registry
File Path Yes Yes \\: $-_. FILEPATH
Server/Device Yes Yes .-_ COMPUTER
SQL Server Instance Yes Yes .-_\ SQLSERVER
SQL Database Yes Yes -_ SQLDATABASE
SQL Table Yes Yes -_ SQLTABLE
Logon Yes Yes -_\ LOGON
Password Yes Yes -_!@#$%^&*()<>? PASSWORD
MAPI Profile Yes Yes @.-_ XCHPROFILE
MAPI Address Yes Yes @.;&%=/\\+_:-[] MAPIADDR
Internet Email Address Yes Yes @.;&+_-[] EMAILADDR
W200x Performance Object, Counter, Instance Yes Yes % $():_/ PERFOBJECT
W200x Service Yes Yes ()-_& W2XSERVICE
Registry Path Yes Yes \ -_ REGISTRY
Modem Command String Yes Yes %.+-#;=&, MODEMTEXT
Location name in Argent SuperMaps Yes Yes ().,(including space) LOCATION

There are two ways you can do this

Approach One: Extend The Allowed Input Text

  1. Determine the input field

    For example, the field is about file path

    Check the above table for the registry of the extension

    For file path, it is FILEPATH

  2. Then edit the Argent Console server registry


  3. If there is no such registry key, create one

    The value type is string

    If the client is remote client, edit the registry on that machine

  4. The value should be a string of hex numbers for the additional allowed input text

    For example if you want to add ‘*‘ and ‘&‘ as allowed input characters, first check the ASCII table

    ASCII code for ‘*‘ is 0x2a, and ‘&‘ is 0x26

    So you add ‘2a26‘ as the value of registry

  5. Restart the GUI, user then should be able to enter ‘*‘ and ‘&‘ to the field

Approach Two: Use Copy And Paste To Enter The Value

  1. Edit the registry


    to value 1

  2. Restart the GUI
  3. Open the notepad to enter the desirable text and copy the text to clipboard
  4. Use right-click context menu or Ctrl+V to paste the text into the field