How Do I Use The Argent SuperConsole?

The Argent SuperConsole gives you an overview of multiple Argent Consoles. Here are two examples:

  1. You have multiple installations of Argent and you want a single, central monitoring facility to see the health of the all of the network from all the Argent installations.
  2. You’re a consulting company with lots of clients, all of whose servers you monitor with Argent. Each client, is of course, completely independent from each other client.

Creating A SuperConsole Group

You create an Argent SuperConsole group from the Argent Monitoring Group screen.

Before creating an Argent SuperConsole group, first scan your network to create an inventory of servers and devices. This is called the Argent Master Catalog.

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Once a server or device is cataloged in the Argent Master Catalog, it can then be added to one or more Monitoring Groups. Monitoring Groups are the common, shared list of servers and devices used by all Argent products.

Right-click the Monitoring Group New SuperConsole to create a SuperConsole and then add the Monitoring Groups you want to be included in this new SuperConsole.

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Monitoring Groups are used in Relators. You need to set the Relator to production status to start monitoring. You can do this on the main Relator screen.

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