How Can Argent Recycle An IIS 6.0 Application Pool Or IIS 7.0 Application Pool?

You can create an Alert System Command referring to a .cmd file using the following:

For IIS 6.0:

@echo off

IISAPP /a DefaultAppPool /r

For IIS 7.0:

@echo off

%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe recycle AppPool “DefaultAppPool”

DefaultAppPool” can be substituted for any application pool name

Once you have your .cmd file created and added to Argent as a System Command Alert simply add it to the appropriate relator

When run from the cmd line from the server with the application pool if successful you will see the following:

Recycling the application pool has the effect of replacing the instance of the application in memory

This may be necessary if an IIS application or app is prone to hanging