Argent Conversion Tool-How To Run


The Argent Conversion Tool is a set of utilities that can be used to convert Alerts, Rules, Relators etc from Argent Extended Technology to Argent Advanced Technology. Currently this product supports the following products:

  1. Argent for Compliance
  2. Argent for Exchange
  3. Argent for Oracle
  4. Argent for SNMP
  5. Argent for SQL Server
  6. Argent for VMware
  7. Argent Guardian Ultra
  8. Argent Sentry Ultra


  1. The OUTPUT of this conversion tool requires Argent Advanced Technology 2.0A-1204-B or higher
  2. Upgrade to 2.0A-1204-B or higher prior to running the conversion tool.
  3. The Argent Conversion Tool works with all versions of Argent XT

Steps to Execute the Utility

  1. Extract all files from the Argent Conversion Tool
  2. Copy the folder content to the path where the corresponding product is installed

    For example, if you want to migrate SQL Server follow steps described below,

    1. Copy ARGSOFT_MONITOR_MIGRATE_UI.dll and ARGENT_CONVERSION_TOOL_FOR_SQL_SERVER.exe in to ‘C:\ARGENT\ArgentForSQLServer‘ (the path where Argent for SQL Server is installed)
    2. Run the executable using ‘Run As Administrator
  3. Follow the instructions specified in the Word file provided for each product in C:\ARGENT_CONVERSION_TOOL\ArgentForXXX\ WORD_FILES where XXX stands for the respective product