Device Types and Persistent Settings

Argent Commander makes all changes persistent until you change them again.

For instance, if you change the number of entries to display on a particular Top X module from 5 to 100, it will keep that setting everytime you load the page.

For the Device Drill-down page, Argent Commander remembers each and every node/device you visited, and saves the individual settings for the node.

If it is the first time you visited a node, the default node-type-based Performance Matrix is applied based on how the Argent Commander Administrators configured it.

For instance, if the Argent Commander Administrator sets the default Windows Drill-down for your security group to a Performance Matrix called “Key Indicators”, the next time you drill-down into a Windows device for the first time, it will apply the “Key Indicators” layout on your page.

Thereafter, you can make whatever change you want on that page, and Argent Commander will remember it all for you.

Argent Commander used to have just one layout that would be applied to ALL servers and devices, regardless of type.

That would lead to situations where Unix servers would be loading Windows counters (reporting “No valid metrics found” of course), or Windows servers loading SNMP metrics.

The new node-type-based system now groups different node-types into classes and leverages off Performance Matrices and the Security Manager to provide a convenient “blanket” set of layouts to maximize convenience.