Web Sessions

Argent Commander uses web sessions to minimize memory usage and the load it puts on the database.

Web sessions are automatically created by Argent Commander once a user logs in.

The web sessions are destroyed if an inactivity timeout of 20 minutes is reached, OR if the user closes ALL browser windows.

(The key point is ALL browser windows, not just the one that Argent Commander was open in).

Some settings are only checked once per session, due to optimization reasons.

For example, generating the Security Manager policies are NOT something we would want to do on every page reload, therefore it is generated once at the beginning of the session only, and re-used for the remainder of the session.

In cases where you have a made a significant, typically system-wide change — you may notice that it does not “take effect”.

In this case, the easiest method is to force a new session by closing all browser windows, and then logging back into Argent Commander.

Alternatively, for customers using 1307-A or above, the ‘Resync’ menu item synchronizes updated definitions from Argent AT or Argent XT, and refreshes the session data without requiring a browser restart