Security AC

After installing Argent Commander, the first thing to do is to configure access privileges for various users.

If you try logging into Argent Commander using any account apart from the Argent service account, you will see messages along the lines of “You do not have privileges to access this page”.

This is because, after a fresh install, Argent Commander only knows about one account — the service account that was specified during setup.

  1. Login to Argent Commander using a service account — you can use the Argent XT or Argent AT service account. Both will register you as an “Argent Commander Administrator”.

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  2. Click on the Security button in the menu bar

    The first thing you’ll see is a single row, where the Users and Groups column says Argent Service Account.

    This is a special row that cannot be deleted, and this is the row that allows you to login as the service account to make these initial security configurations.

  3. Click on Add New Row.

    This will prompt the Users and Groups popup, which allows you to start defining a new “security row”.