Command Reference

While most Argent Customers prefer to manage their jobs through the Argent Scheduler GUI and the Argent Queue Engine GUI, a compete set of commands are provided, so you can programmatically control your scheduling.

Each command uses a unique set of qualifiers, or switches.

Qualifiers begin with the forward slash character.

Many qualifiers can specify values, specified after an equals sign, as in


To specify a value containing a blank or space, enclose the entire value in quotes, as in the following example:


Qualifiers do not need to be spelled out in full. You only need to provide enough characters to make a qualifier unique. For example, you can use


instead of


There is also syntax usage information available for each command reference.


To see a help screen for the JSUBMIT command, enter:


If the help screen scrolls too fast, use the MORE filter, as in this example:


The Argent Scheduler provides the command:

The Argent Queue Engine provides the following commands: