The QCANCEL.EXE command cancels, aborts, or discards a job, depending on the current status of the specified job.






If only a job number is provided, the pending job instance is cancelled.

If this qualifier is present and the specified job is executing, then the job is aborted. If this qualifier is not present, then this command returns an error if the job is executing. Terminating jobs is a potentially dangerous action, and, depending on the nature of the job that is terminated, it may cause loss or corruption of data.

This will delete the job instance record and job log of any non-executing job.

This specifies the name of an Argent Queue Engine server. If this qualifier is absent, then the command uses the value of the XS_SERVER environment variable, if defined. If this environment variable is also absent, then the command assumes the local server.

Example A


This example cancels Job number 522. If the job is executing at the time this command is entered, then an error message is displayed and the job is not canceled.

Example B


This example aborts job 522.

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