Installing Argent Queue Engine Software on AIX

For the AIX platform the Queue Engine is packaged in a compressed tar file. This tar file automatically expands to fill the opt/ARGTqe directory directly under the location of the tar file.

To install the Queue Engine, issue the following commands:


# cd /



The /opt/ARGTqe/bin directory needs to be added to the PATH environmental variable for root and any other users of the Queue Engine. The /opt/ARGTqe/man directory should be added to the MANPATH environmental variable as well. For the Bourne, Posix, and Korn shells, add the following to the user’s “.profile” file:

PATH=”${PATH}:/opt/ARGTqe/bin”; export PATH

MANPATH=”${MANPATH}:/opt/ARGTqe/man”; export MANPATH

The administrative file “/opt/ARGTqe/dbf/que_creator.allow” is installed with the Queue Engine. This file contains the names of the users who are allowed to create Queues with the Queue Engine. The default file contains the root user. The system administrator needs to edit this file to add the user accounts that are authorized to create Queues.

The Queue Engine can be started at any time using the qsystem -x command.

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