Installing Argent Queue Engine Software on HP-UX

HP-UX uses the swinstall utility to install software packages called depots. Download and uncompress

THE_ARGENT_QUEUE_ENGINE_4_6A_0601_HPUX_DEPOT.TAR.Z. To install the Queue Engine, issue the following command:

# swinstall -x ask=true -s /install_dir/ARGTqe.depot ARGTqe

Where /install_dir/ARGTqe.depot is the full path name of the Queue Engine depot file. The installation will ask if customers wish to automatically start the Queue Engine at reboot time by altering the init.d startup directory.

Please refer to the swinstall man page for more details.

The Queue Engine is installed in the /opt/ARGTqe directory. The /opt/ARGTqe/bin directory needs to be added to the PATH environmental variable for the root user and any other users of the Queue Engine. The /opt/ARGTqe/man directory should be added to the MANPATH environmental variable as well. For the Bourne, Posix, and Korn shells, add the following to the user’s “.profile” file:

PATH=”${PATH}:/opt/ARGTqe/bin”; export PATH

MANPATH=”${MANPATH}:/opt/ARGTqe/man”; export MANPATH

The administrative file “/opt/ARGTqe/dbf/que_creator.allow” is created the first time that the Queue Engine is installed. This file contains the names of the users who are allowed to create Queues with the Queue Engine. It is created by the postinstall script, which automatically places root in the file. The system administrator needs to edit this file to add the user accounts that are authorized to create Queues. As long as the que_creator.allow exists then any subsequent installation will not try to create a new one.

Queue Engine can be started at any time using the qsystem -x command.

Removing Queue Engine Software on HP-UX

If a new version of the software is to be installed, the old version of the Queue Engine can be removed first with the swremove utility. Removing the software package does not remove any Queue or Job information created since using the Queue Engine.

To remove the Queue Engine package, issue the command:

# swremove ARGTqe

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