Migrating To Argent Queue Engine 7.1A-XS

With the introduction of Argent Job Scheduler version 5.0A-0604 and later there are two possible types of Argent Queue Engines that can be implemented:

  • An NT version; and

  • An XS version.

The NT version of the Argent Queue Engine can be run on either Windows NT or Windows W200x. In contrast, the new XS version will only run on W200x, not on NT.

The 7.1A NT version is fully backwards compatible with the prior NT versions. During setup, if the NT version of an Argent Queue Engine is detected it will be directly upgraded to the most recent NT version.

The XS version of the Argent Queue Engine is a newer implementation of the Argent Queue Engine and makes full usage of the W200x environment. The XS version of the Argent Queue Engine can only be installed on W200x machines. The new XS version of Argent Queue Engine is over three times faster than the old NT version and also has many other significant improvements. (Refer to release notes as needed for more details.)

Argent strongly recommends customers migrate to the

new Argent Queue Engine XS release for all W200x servers.