Automators are the execution engines for Argent Reports — equivalent to Argent AT’s Relators

As such, Automators can be placed into “Test Mode” or “Production Mode”

“Test Mode” means the Automator does not get scheduled to run

“Production Mode” means the Automator will be scheduled to run and is LIVE

Report Or Group For This Automator

Customers can specify only one Report or Groups per Automator


Customers can choose multiple Schedules for each Automator

Variable Overrides (Optional)

Variable Overrides allows variables (e.g. %CLIENT_NAME%) to be overridden during the execution of a Automator

This allows reports to be re-usable with specific variables overridden and changed at runtime

Time Range

Specifies the Time Range of data — from Past Hour to Past 60 Days


Specifies the date to poll the data from — if you want a specific, ad-hoc report for the Past 24 Hours from the 10 June 2011, you can do so here

Otherwise, the special option “Now” is dynamic and refers to the time that the Automator is executed

Convert All Times To UTC

Specifies the time zone to convert and display in the reports

If the Argent AT and Argent Reports servers sit in Hong Kong (UTC +8), but the reports are intended for a customer in Sydney, Australia (UTC +10), you would specify “10” for this field

No arithmetic is needed — it is not a Time Zone offset — just specify the UTC time zone of the intended recipient here, otherwise use the Server Time Zone instead

Do Not Include Header And Footer On First Page

This option is useful for Cover Pages, where we don’t want the Header and Footer to be displayed

Edit Headers/Edit Footers

Headers and Footers are divided into three sections: the Left, Center and Right

By default, the sections are divided equally — 33% width each

You can drag the borders between the three sections to change the allocated width of each section

Each section supports various font formatting options, as well as images

Note: For Footers, the Right section is always reserved for Page Numbers in the format of Page X of Y

Add Line Under Header/Add Line Above Footer

Adds a line with the specified color and thickness under the Header or above the Footer

Report Style Gallery

Specifies the Report Style Gallery to apply to the Report or Group – note that this can be overridden at the Report level via the Override Automator Settings option

Test Automator

Allows customers to simulate the report to run “now”, with the option to specify the Schedules to use.