Schedules are similar to Argent AT’s Automatic Report Distribution definitions

Customers can either send automatic emails, or export to UNC paths, which include the option to send an email with the UNC path or even http:// path of the exported file

Email Section

You can define who to send the automated email to, the Subject and Body

Note: The email will be sent as an HTML-formatted email

You cannot include images in the Body field — this option is explicitly removed from the toolbar

Schedule Section

This is where you define the schedule of a report. The interface is no different to any other task scheduler, allowing Daily, Weekly or Monthly reports , and repeated at specific intervals

The options here are self-explanatory and straightforward

The marriage of the email options with the schedule definition means you can assign an Automator to send to different groups of people at different times (E.g. Management receives the Report at 10 AM while the IT Team receives the Report at 8 AM for preliminary checking)