Argent Enterprise

What is Argent Enterprise?

Argent Enterprise is the topology database for an enterprise network. Combined with the CMDB-X, it not only keeps an inventory of existing network server/devices, it also defines how they are connected both physically and virtually, such as logical dependencies hosted by VMware.

Argent Enterprise is also a real-time Network Traffic Dashboard. Lightweight, high-priority sideband traffic is synthetically generated to determine the network status of the Argent Monitoring Infrastructure. It also periodically checks the baseline connectivity of Windows, Linux/Unix and IP devices.

Argent Enterprise is also the distributed architecture backbone for Argent Monitoring Products. Critical nodes are deployed strategically throughout the Enterprise Network, and connected through a highly efficient and reliable Argent Transport Backbone (ATB). Argent AT services and key functions are closely monitored.

Argent Enterprise is a Network Monitoring Optimizer. The topology-dependency as well as functional-dependency can greatly reduce unnecessary monitoring. For example, we do not need to scan servers or devices behind a dead switch.

Argent Enterprise is the ultimate Root Cause Analyzer. For example, when a web service is offline, instead of simply reporting the symptom, we check if the NIC went bad, or if the server is offline, or if the switch before the server is offline etc. This is available only with the dependency information provided by Argent Enterprise.

What Does Argent Enterprise Accomplish?

1. Argent Enterprise guarantees the integrity of the entire corporate Infrastructure.

Through the Argent Transport Backbone (ATB), sideband traffic is frequently generated to flow between servers. Critical connectivity issues can quickly be alerted and system performance information can be gathered for trend analysis.

2. Argent Enterprise also leverages off Argent Non-Stop Monitor technology — this provides a fail-safe architecture which can be implemented for high-availability.

3. Argent Enterprise is highly scalable. Load can be evenly distributed among components

4. Argent Enterprise monitors the integrity of the Enterprise Network Topology.

Argent Enterprise continuously monitors network connectivity metrics including TCP Ping, port scanning, Remote Time-of-Day, SNMP, etc. It can intelligently determine the root cause of connectivity issues based on its topology knowledge.

5. Argent Enterprise verifies the baseline of the entire network.

Argent Enterprise has built-in baseline monitoring logic for nodes throughout the topology.

The baseline monitoring logic can be extended through custom monitoring logic in WMI, PowerShell or Linux/Unix Shell scripts.

The collected baseline information can be further analyzed for capacity planning and trend analysis.

6. Argent Enterprise provides an additional monitoring backbone for Argent Monitoring products.

Argent Enterprise adapts to highly distributed Enterprise Networks. Argent AT components including Main Engines, Daughter Engines, and Trusted Agents are automatically monitored when they are installed. Stopped services will be restarted automatically.