Enterprise Architecture

Argent Enterprise has the following components:

1. Control Center: This is the main engine that can monitor the main network.

It is also the “Mother Engine” that distributes the control information for the “Domain Observer” to         download

2. Domain Observer: This schedules the monitoring tasks that are assigned to a “Segment Inspector” to execute.

3. Segment Inspector: This is the workhorse that executes the monitoring logic.

4. Argent Transport Backbone (ATB): This is the communication layer for all traffic in Argent Enterprise — essentially TCP/IP, but much more powerful

5. GUI: This is the user-interface to scan network topology, adjust topology layout, defining the monitoring logic, and most importantly, displaying the real-time network status

For a more familiar analogy, the Control Center is like an Argent AT Mother Engine, the Domain Observer is like a Daughter Supervising Engine and Segment Inspector is like a Trusted Agent

Argent Enterprise can be implemented as an Argent Non-Stop Monitor for both the Control Center and Domain Observer levels. DR (Disaster Recovery) architecture is also easy to configure.

Segment Inspectors can be “push-installed” for local Segment Inspectors on the same LAN as the Domain Observer. For servers behind firewalls, remote networks or DMZ, it can also be installed using the main Argent AT SETUP package